“She won’t hit it very far, anyway”

woman-golfer-1I was at a driving range yesterday having Golf Lesson #2 when a man drove up in one of those caged vehicles that drive around golf courses, picking up balls.

“Didn’t anyone tell you the driving range is closed?” he asked my instructor, who said no, he’d had this lesson scheduled and it usually wasn’t closed on Monday evenings.

Apparently the range is regularly closed on Wednesday evenings so that all of the balls can be picked up and the grass can be cut on Thursday morning.

I never did find out why the schedule had been changed. My instructor prevailed, and our lesson continued.

Before he drove away, the man in the ball-picker-upper looked at me and said, “Well, she won’t hit it very far anyway” – presumably referring to the fact that once the lesson was over, it would be easier to clear my close in balls than balls that were further away.

His prediction was accurate, so I’m not bent out of shape about it that. I don’t hit the ball very far yet, because I’m a beginner. Yet, he would never have said that OUT LOUD about and within earshot of a man, even if he was thinking it.

This wasn’t a #MeToo moment. It was just annoying. I will throw it on the mental pile of rude comments I’ve gotten from strange men over the years that include a guy at a gas station telling me I should have checked the oil – “but women don’t do that” – when I pulled in with engine trouble. (I do check the oil and the problem did NOT turn out to have anything to do with oil levels.) The guy in the parking lot of a Home Depot who told me I would not fit a piece of wood in my car. (I did fit it into my car.) Neither of them would have made comments like that to a man. I ignored both of them, when I should have said something back.

My answer to Mr. Driving Range will come during Golf Lesson #7 or #8, when I hit the ball so hard I smack into his little caged cart and knock it over onto its side, shaking him up and helping him to correct his ideas about how hard women can hit golf balls.

OK, it might not be til Golf Lesson #9 or #10, but it gives me a goal to AIM for!

About Maureen Paraventi

Hi, there! I'm a content writer, published author, award-winning playwright and all-around English major nerd who loves to correct spelling, grammar and creative punctuation. I love to write. I also love to help other writers succeed, by polish their work and helping bring it to its full potential.
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