wordsI have CWD. Compulsive Writing Disorder. Sadly, there is very little attention given to this condition in the way of research, treatments or support groups. I may organize a fundraiser, like a walk or a candlelit vigil, that will raise money to enable CWD sufferers to afford the therapy they so desperately need. What’s particularly galling is that CWD has gotten no scrutiny at all from the pharmaceutical industry, which is usually willing to charge people for pills for JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING, including diseases and disorders that it has to invent.

selfie-trioThis is me. I’m a Detroit-based writer. I write novels, stage plays, screenplays, nonfiction and songs. When I’m not writing, I act in local theatre and sing in a pop/rock/Irish band called McLaughlin’s Alley.

My latest book is a nonfiction exploration of the lives of single women of a certain age called, The New Old Maid. Interviews with unmarried women aged 40+ from all over the U.S. form the basis of the book, which is getting lots of attention. I also discuss spinsters in popular culture, like Miss Marple, Jane Hathaway, Mary Tyler Moore and Samantha Jones. And- there’s a section of famous old maids, some of whom will surprise you.

Thanks for visiting my website. Look around. Feel free to follow the links and buy something. It’ll help me pay for the therapy I so desperately need to help me deal with my CWD.