About you

why-singleWhy did you find your way to this website?

Are you an “always single” woman interested in knowing how other always single women cope with the odd looks they get from strangers who can’t understand their marital status?

Are you a divorced woman who is exploring the single life and wants to see how always single women manage relationships, finances, home repairs, etc.?

Are you widowed, and figuring out how to be on your own?

Are you a young woman who doesn’t want to be assumed into the kind of future arrangement that may not be a fit for you?

Are you a man who’d like to understand women better?! (If you are, yay you!)

I’d love to know more about you. Feel free to share your comments, tell me about your experiences, describe your feelings. Maybe there’ll be a second book – or maybe I’ll just put this out there in the blog portion of this website, so that the conversation can continue.

(NOTE: You don’t need to use your real name, and you only need to provide your email address if you’d like me to contact you.)