Meet the New Old Maids

Andrea: Corporate titan turned university administrator in Indiana. Has come a long way from the cornfields.



Atheria: Psychic medium living in New Mexico. Seeker of truth.




Eleanore Wells: Marketing professional. Adventurer. Currently living in Australia.




Debbie Roszkowski: A free spirit who hit the road young and didn’t stop moving for decades.


Elizabeth: Lives in Washington State, is in a long-term relationship that’s a lot like marriage…but isn’t.

Ellen: Taught the value of hard work by her parents, this Arizona resident left a successful business career to care for them when they were ailing.

Tiffany: Business owner, architect of her own life.

Joan White: North Carolina entrepreneur; designer of plus-sized fashions.

Jo-Sue: High school assistant principal and youth pastor, athlete and coach.

Kay: Los Angeles entertainer turned vegan educator and animal rights activist.



Lavender Moon: Single mom, foodie, dreamer of big dreams.


Leanne: High school teacher, actor. Once freed of a stifling relationship, she didn’t look back.

Lucy: A pretty and petite Denver stockbroker who did not want the life her mother had.

Marcy: A Colorado ski instructor and golf enthusiast who spends every moment possible out of doors.

Michelle E. Alford: A poet/writer/director/real estate agent who balances her love of the arts with a strong practical side.



Pat Jones (P.J. Edghill: A writer/director/producer who doesn’t let physical challenges get in her way.


Sally: Works in telecommunications. Collects too much stuff. A feisty redhead with a long-term boyfriend whom she has no plans to marry.

Sheryl: A Californian who works in the fashion industry. Loves salsa dancing. Does not count being single as one of her regrets.




Stephanie Schneiderman: A Michigan-based travel expert who loves introducing others to the places and people she loves.


Suzanne: Retired firefighter. Eternal optimist. Sees the best in the men she dates – even when her friends don’t.

Tish: A Pennsylvanian who enjoyed her career as a nurse anesthetist and is enjoying her retirement even more.


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