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Palm Tree Pipe Dreams (a novel)

PTPD-cover-smallSouthern California is weird, and it gets a lot weirder in Palm Tree Pipe Dreams, a dystopian comedy set in the near future. Traffic in Southern California finally reaches critical mass and comes to a complete halt. The neverending traffic jam puts a stranglehold on the region. While politicians argue over possible solutions, residents come up with drastically different ways of doing things. Cars are renovated into living quarters. Vendors take to the streets. The air turns smog-free. Aspiring screenwriter Ira O’Reilly struggles to adapt to the new reality, but he he is soon unemployed, broke and homeless. Then things really get bad for him. Ira’s journey is hilarious and heartbreaking, a revealing look at ambition, imagination and love. Get Palm Tree Pipe Dreams here.

Monologues for Actors (that directors aren’t sick of hearing)

Monologues for ActorsLooking for something powerful to use in your next audition? A monologue that will showcase your talents – but not one that the director has heard many times before?

Avoid giving the director a case of monologue fatigue with a piece that has either been done to death, or is strongly associated with a particular, high-profile actor. The monologues in Monologues for Actors (that directors aren’t sick of hearing are guaranteed fresh, although they have been vetted by actors and directors. Get it here.

Twelve Short Plays That You Can Do for Free

12-short-playsI’m making my favorite short plays available for production, with no licensing fees. The plays in this collection explore relationships involving lovers, roommates, relatives, neighbors and two strangers connected by tragedy. The stories range from hilariously twisted (There’s Nothing Wrong with Me) to poignant (It Goes Without Saying), from shocking (Such a Small Word) to thought-provoking (The Angel Thief). Frustrated ambitions, transgender zombies, boobs, romance and race – no topic is off limits.

Click here to get Get Twelve Short Plays That You Can Do for Free.

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