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Palm Tree Pipe Dreams is a dystopian comedy set in the near future, when traffic in Southern California gets so bad that everything comes to a complete halt.

Ira O’Reilly, an aspiring screenwriter, tries to find his way amid the gridlock crisis that puts a stranglehold on the region, but is soon unemployed, broke and homeless. Then things really get bad for him.

Like Ira, I, too, lived in Los Angeles for awhile, and tried to find success as a screenwriter. Also like him, I spent much of my time there stuck in traffic. Hmmmmm…..coincidence?

Palm Tree Pipe Dreams is available on Amazon.com.

Stage Plays


Four longtime friends gather weekly to work through their problems while working through a list of exotic beverages like absinthe and slivovitz, on the premise that it’s important to try everything once. The serious illness of one of the friends leads to revelations of anger and jealousy and ultimately becomes the catalyst for change – of one kind or another – in all of their lives.

Amy. A 53-year-old woman
Collette. A 53-year-old woman
Jennifer. A 53-year-old woman
Mary Ann. A 53-year-old woman
Ree-Ree. Collette’s daughter, 24 years old
Eric. A 34-year-old man
Barry. A 53-year-old man
Dennis. Early 50s.
Man. Early 50s (One actor can play both Dennis and Man.)

The action takes place in a living room which is center stage, and a table and chairs stage right that represent a restaurant, bar and coffee shop. Present day.

The Bucket List of Booze Club was produced by Barefoot Productions in October 2016. Prior to that, it was selected for the Magenta Giraffe Staged Reading Festival in 2013 in Detroit Michigan and the Renegade Theatre Festival’s Staged Reading event in 2014. It was also a finalist in the Arizona-based Bridge Initiative’s 2015 Playwriting Contest.

One Act Plays:

Scenes in Black and White was selected for a staged reading at Planet Ant Theatre’s Ant Farm in September, 2015.

Scene in Black and White won the Audience Favorite award at Detroit Fringe Fest 2015 in Hamtramck.

There’s Nothing Wrong with Me was performed as part of Detroit Boxfest in August 2015 at Planet Ant Theatre in Hamtramck, Michigan.

Boobs won the Audience Choice writing award at the 2015 Metro Detroit Fringe Fest at Monster Box Theatre in Waterford, Michigan. Boobs was also produced by the West Coast Players at the Tarpon Springs Cultural Center in 2017.

Such a Small Word won Audience Favorite awards at the TLC One Acts Festival in 2014 in Canton, MI and at the 2015 West Coast Players’ One Act Plays Festival in Clear Lake, Florida.

Ruin Porn won the Michigan Playwright Award at the Two Muses’ Women’s Playwriting Festival, Feb. 22, 2015, West Bloomfield, MI.

Information about the plays:

SmallWordSuch a Small Word (one-act drama)

A woman tries to re-start her life after a terrible mistake, but finds that the past is something that won’t stay…in the past.

Brenda, 40ish
Matt, 18 years old
Mom, 60ish

A basement

This play had its world premiere at the 2015 Canton One Acts Fest, with Leanne Thomas as Brenda, Evan Phillips as Matt and Betty Berryman as Mom. It won the top prize in the Audience Favorite Awards. It was also featured in the West Coast Players’ One Act Plays Festival 2015 in Clear Lake, Florida. Ruin Porn (one-act drama)

RuinPornNYRuin Porn (one-act drama)

A tour of Detroit’s “ruin porn” – once-magnificent buildings left to crumble and decay — turns into a confrontation between one of the city’s longtime residents and one of its newer ones. Who is embracing Detroit and who is exploiting its troubles? A discovery reveals the limits of assumptions, but also highlights the tragedy of a city that does not always honor its art and its artists.

Drew (white 20-something)
Belle (any ethnicity, British accent)
Konrad (any ethnicity, German accent)
Roderick (African-American man, any age

Interior of a crumbling historic building.

Ruin Porn was produced in New York City inn 2014 by the Dirty Blondes theatre company as part of Detroit, NY: The Motor City Speaks for Itself. It was also featured in the Two Muses Women’s Playwriting Festival 2015 in West Bloomfield, Michigan, and included in the Monster Box Theatre’s 2015 One Acts Festival.

boobs-for-websiteBoobs (one-act comedy)

Two very competitive breasts argue about which one is larger, which one the baby liked best and whether or not implants would be a good thing — until they realize that they’re about to undergo the yearly ritual of being “put in a vice and squeezed.” At that point, they bond together in dread.

Boob One
Boob Two

A bare stage

Boobs was featured in Detroit Fringe Festival 2015 at the Monster Box Theatre in Waterford, Michigan. It won an Audience Favorite Award for writing.

umbrellaThere’s Nothing Wrong with Me (a one-act comedy)

An encounter at a public beach reveals what appears to be a toxic relationship – or is it?

Scott: mid-30s to 40
Kimmy: mid-30s to 40
Gwen: mid-30s to 40

A beach. The present.

There’s Nothing Wrong with Me was featured in Detroit Boxfest 2015 at Planet Ant Theatre in Hamtramck, Michigan.

It-Goes-Without-Saying-for-websiteIt Goes Without Saying (a one-act drama)

A rehearsal of a community theatre play unleashes some surprising feelings, forcing one character to brave his soul and another to consider a life-altering decision.

Kevin is a 30+ man
Brenda is a 30+ woman.
Adam is a 30+ man

A bare stage. The present.

It Goes without Saying was performed in January, 2014 as part of StageLab24 in, Canton, MI. It was diirected by Craig Hane with the following cast:: Adam – Brian Trippel (pictured at left); Brenda – Linda Pellicioni (center); Kevin – Rick Holland (at right).

broomCleaning Out the Attic (a one-act comedy)

Since retiring, Rex has taken up an unusual hobby: wildly improvisational dancing, which he does while pretending to clean out the attic. It’s a secret he enjoys keeping from his wife Fiona, who can’t imagine why he doesn’t seem to be making any progress with the clutter. Rex’s wily, text-abbreviation-talking grandson Colton disrupts Rex’s double life and makes a play that surprises his grandfather into making a tough choice.

Rex: a man in his late 60s
Fiona: his wife, is in her late 60s
Colton, their grandson, is 16 years old.

An attic, present day.

Cleaning Out the Attic premiered during the Rosedale Community Players’ One Act Festival in September, 2013.

russia4Who Goes to Russia? (one-act dramedy)

Two couples — longtime friends — are forced to confront the truths about their marriages when a brush with infidelity brings long-simmering frustrations to the surface. Will Liz finally get Steve’s attention? Will Steve let Liz visit his man-cave? Will Mark really go to Russia? Will Marie ever stop talking?

(All four characters are 30-something)

Liz is deeply invested in maintaining a pleasant facade, which finally cracks when she confront her husband over the state of their marriage.
Steve, her husband, uses humor to hide his anxieties.
Mark is self-centered and obtuse, but ultimately, endearingly genuine
Marie, his wife, is rigidly conventional, high maintenance, and unintentionally hilarious.

Liz and Steve’s living room. The present.

This play had its world premiere at the Canton One Acts Festival (Michigan) in January, 2013 in Canton, Michigan, with the following cast: Liz – Leanne Young; Steve – Tim Chanko; Marie – Natalie Barroso; Mark – Patrick Wears. (In photo above, from left to right; Tim Chanko, Leanne Young and Natalie Barroso in “Who Goes to Russia?”)


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