I have CWD

(Compulsive Writing Disorder)

Maureen-ParaventiIt’s not as bad as it sounds! It just means that I write a lot, everything from website content, blogs, feature articles, video scripts, novels, stage plays, screenplays, nonfiction and songs. When I’m not writing, I’m:

  • Copyediting and prooofreading, and
  • Teaching people how to write

In fact, I’m readying a multi-platform source of writing help and inspiration for launch in 2023. It will include writing challenges, podcast interviews with experts, videos designed to get you writing or improve your writing, courses on special topics and of course, LOTS OF FREE CONTENT.

You will learn how to:

  • Make money with your writing
  • Find writing jobs
  • Get an agent
  • Write that memoir, novel, children’s story or nonfiction book you’ve been yearning to write
  • Deal with rejectios and criticism
  • Self-publish
  • Promote your writing
  • Write online content using SEO

My goal: to turbo boost your writing confidence and teach you the skills you need to write more effectively, whether you are writing for money or love – or both. No matter what grades you got in your high school English classes or how bad your spelling is, YOU CAN BE A WRITER.

Details coming soon!