I have CWD

(Compulsive Writing Disorder)

Maureen-ParaventiIt’s not as bad as it sounds! It just means that I write a lot, everything from website content, blogs, feature articles, video scripts, novels, stage plays, screenplays, nonfiction and songs. When I’m not writing, I’m:

  • Copyediting and prooofreading, and
  • Teaching people how to write

My latest teaching venture is a course called, How to Write a WINNING website. You can find it on Teachable.com. In ten lessons, you’ll learn the fundamentals of writing web pages that will:

  • Get your website ranked higher on search engines
  • Attract more online visitors
  • Convert a lot of those people to customers, and

What You’ll Learn in How to Write a WINNING Website

In simple, easy-to-understand terms, this course explains:

  • How to effectively use your website as a sales tool
  • The web pages you must have – and additional pages you can have
  • How to tell your story
  • How to structure a web page for best results
  • Words and phrases to use
  • Words and phrases to avoid
  • What you need to know about HTML (not much, and I explain it in simple terms)
  • What you need to know about search engine optimization (SEO)
  • How to use a CTA (call to action)

How to Write a WINNING Website is for company owners who want to get more customers and increase their revenue. It is also for freelance writers who want to tap into this lucrative area. Everyone who has a service or product to sell needs a website. You can write WINNING websites for money.

Contact Me for More Information

Not only will this course teach you how to write WINNING websites, it will make you a more confident writer in general – no matter what grades you got in your high school English classes. You may go on to write other things! Click here to email me for more information about How to Write a WINNING Website or visit Teachable.com to sign up for the course.