About Me

Welcome to My Website

mo-3Hey there, and welcome to my site. I’m a writer, singer, songwriter, actor and podcaster based in Detroit. I love dogs, chocolate, theatre, music, sunny days that are not too hot and movies. I do not like cilantro, housework, getting lost (which I do all the time) and math.

I love to write, write, write. Because I love to write, I also enjoy teaching other people how to write. Check out my course on Teachable.com entitled, How to Write a WINNING Website.

My Writing

Nonfiction: You know all those stereotypes you have in your mind about spinsters and old maids? The New Old Maid will squash them like a bug. The unmarried women who share their stories in the book lead interesting, vibrant, gratifying lives.

Stage Plays: A number of the full-length and one-act plays I’ve written have been produced and have won awards, which is very nice. Click here for more information about them. Click here to learn about Twelve Short Plays That You Can do For Free and Monologues for Actors (that directors aren’t sick of hearing).

Fiction: Palm Tree Pipe Dreams is a comic novel set in L.A. It follows the adventures and misadventures of an aspiring screenwriter who can’t catch a break – until he finds himself coping in unexpected ways with Southern California’s new reality.

My Music

Along with my sister Tina, I’m in a pop-rock band called McLaughlin’s Alley. I write songs, sing and play flute and bass the band. The website is: www.mclaughlinsalley.com. You can hear our songs (and see clips from our TV appearances) on YouTube. Our songs are available on CD Baby.

My Podcasting: 2 Modern Dames

I am so excited to have launched this podcast with my friend and fellow playwright, Pat Jones. We explore the fabulousness of being Women of a Certain Age. Each episode includes an interview with a dynamic, risk-taking Modern Dame, a Pat and Mo Gabfest and a segment called Marjorie Lowers the Boom, in which your questions about life, love, work and everything are answered by the inimitable Marjorie. 2 Modern Dames is available on all podcast services. Visit our website at www.2moderndames.com.

Contact Me

You can email me at: maureenparaventi@gmail.com.


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