About me


Hey there, and welcome to my site. I’m a Detroit writer, singer, songwriter and actor. I worked for many years as a morning radio personality, so I got to describe myself for a long time as a professional smartass. I miss that.

I love to write, write, write. I also enjoy reading, naturally. My bookshelves are jammed with everything from classic lit to biographies, mysteries and how-to guides.

I love dogs, chocolate, theatre, music, sunny days that are not too hot and movies. I do not like cilantro, housework, getting lost (which I do all the time) and math.


You know all those stereotypes you have in your mind about spinsters and old maids? The New Old Maid will squash them like a bug. The “old maids” who share their stories in The New Old Maid are incredibly honest as they talk about very personal experiences and feelings. By the end of this book, you will feel like you really know these women. You will probably want to hang out with them.


I also write plays and I’ve had a number of them produced, which is very nice. I love to sit in the audience and see actors bring my words to life. Click here for more information about my plays.


On the fiction side, my comic novel about L.A. called, Palm Tree Pipe Dreams. PTPD is starting to take off and generate a buzz and I’m very excited about that. I want terms like, “craptastic” and “radical asthmatics” and “lumpen solitarians” to become household words. Click here to learn more about Palm Tree Pipe Dreams.


Along with my sister Tina, I’m in a pop-rock band called McLaughlin’s Alley. Tina and I sing for and write songs for the band. The website is: www.mclaughlinsalley.com.

My brother Sean is an actor and playwright. Here is his website: www.seanparaventi.com. My sister Tina is an actor and director. She doesn’t have a website.

Thanks for reading this.

You can email me at: moparaventi@yahoo.com. I’d love to hear from you.

Please “like” The New Old Maid Facebook page. You can follow me on Twitter at @TheNewOldMaid and find me on Instagram (Maureen Paraventi).

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  1. Julian K says:

    Hi great readingg your post


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