How to Write Right

How to Better Express Yourself Via the Written Word

For too many people, the idea of communicating through writing is intimidating. They worry that spelling mistakes or grammatical errors will make them seem unintelligent. They think that writing is a specialized skill that is not accessible to them, or that they don’t have an extensive enough vocabulary to write well. I’m always surprised when someone who is very articulate says they can’t write. If you can talk, you can write. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve met someone who, upon finding out that I am a writer, told me they have a great idea for a story, or a nonfiction book, or a memoir, but… “But I can’t write,” they inevitably say. “I’m not good at that.” That great idea will likely go nowhere, simply because they lack the confidence to act on it.

Having said that, I’ll be the first to admit that English is NOT an easy language! If it was, through and threw would not rhyme, but bread and bead would.

Proven Techniques

I’d like to help people who have great ideas for something they’d like to write actually write that something. Whether you long to write your family’s history, or a mystery novel, or a book about your favorite hobby, there are proven techniques that can help you do just that. This portion of my website is in progress; check back for updates in the future.

My first writing how-to, How to Write a WINNING Website, is available on I am currently creating other how-to courses. In the meantime, I will provide you with some ideas to get you started and keep you going, as well as ways to avoid common grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes, like this one:

Easy Peasy, #1:

  • There: Think LOCATION. He went there.
  • They’re: Think THEY ARE. They’re at the store.
  • Their: Think POSSESSIVE. That is their house.

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